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Sandboxie 5.14

Sandboxie Review:

 The internet is loaded with malware and malicious content. The inexperienced and naive users are the most that get affected by the malicious threats on the internet. Downloading a malware-infected file or clicking on an unknown link sent to your email or visiting a malicious site are some of the ways your system can easily get infected by malware. You can prevent this malware infection and browse the internet without any fear if you install Sandboxie on your computer. 

 What Is Sandboxie?

 This is a unique security application to have on your computer that uses the sandboxing technique to run programs in an isolated space so that it does not cause any problems to your computer. This software will help in the prevention of any online programs to make changes to other programs and data in your computer. Web browsing is completely secure and safe when you use Sandboxie. All the malicious software that gets downloaded when you browse the internet will be trapped in a sandbox and this can be discarded off. So, all cookies, browsing history and cached temporary files will all be isolated in the sandbox and will not leak into your Windows OS. 

 Sandboxie Uses

 The main use of Sandboxie comes when you are browsing the internet as it will keep your browser isolated and hence your system will always be running free from malicious programs. The application is also used to test software that you have installed on your computer. The software will first run on the Sandboxie and if you feel that the software is malicious or is trying to make changes to your system, then you can discard it off from Sandboxie itself. You will also get to know the files and folders that the software will be looking to install in your system when you install any software in Sandboxie.   


 - Surfing the web is very safe and secure and you can be completely relaxed when browsing websites. 
 - The temporary files, cache, cookies, etc. that get downloaded on your computer when you are browsing are first stored in the Sandboxie and hence you can remove it off from there itself. 
 - A malware inside the Sandboxie will not find its way out of it and corrupt your system.  

 Sandboxie application is a good one to have installed on your computer if you are a person who browses a lot. It will help in keeping your system safe while browsing, but is not a replacement for any antivirus or anti-malware software.

Changes on the new version:
- Added new Sbie setting BlockNetworkFiles. It is available under Sandboxie Settings -> Restrictions.
- When BlockNetworkFiles=y, sandboxed applications are blocked from reading network files or folders. Individual files/folders can be opened for reading/writing using the normal Resource Access settings.
This option is enabled by default for new sandboxes.
- Fixed hang when starting MS Office applications.
- Eliminated error SBIE2314 Cancelling process xxxx.exe (xxxx / 9)
- Proxy Auto Config (PAC) files were not functioning in Win 10 Anniversary.
- Vivaldi is now supported.
- Fixed the Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant issues (,, etc.)
- Fixed clipboard copy/paste failure from sandbox to host.
- Fixed Actual Window Manager.

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